$500 for the 500 🏁 Terms & Conditions

SnapShyft May-June Contest Bonus Terms and Conditions

Last Updated: May, 2021

SNAPSHYFT May-June Contest Bonus Terms and Conditions

This offer (the “500 for the 500 Contest Bonus Offer”), which is made to you by SnapShyft (as defined in the SnapShyft Terms of Use), entitles qualified individuals or groups, the chance to win a $500 Bonus for specific and attainable performance benchmarks on the SnapShyft platform. All approved SnapShyft workers in good standing are eligible. 

SnapShyft $500 for the 500 contest

HOW IT WORKS: Beginning at 05:00 May 21, 2021, through 05:00 June 20, 2021 (the official contest period), eligible individuals will receive one (1) contest entry after completing a streak (working five (5) consecutive shifts (no dropped shifts, or rejections), and receiving 5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ performance rating for each of the shifts worked). One (1) additional contest entry will be awarded for each streak successfully completed. Workers are also eligible to receive five (5) additional contest entries by referring three (3) new qualified industry professionals to the SnapShyft platform (by sharing your unique referral code— located on the home screen of the mobile application). Worker referrals must complete their respective worker profiles, become approved SnapShyft workers after meeting requirements as set forth in the SnapShyft Terms and Conditions, and successfully work their first shift. Upon conclusion of the contest period, the winning individual will be selected at random from the total entry pool. Winner of the $500 bonus will be notified by SnapShyft on or before midnight July 01, 2021. Odds of winning will fluctuate based on total number of participants, total number of work opportunities, total number of qualified worker referrals.

Bonus will be paid to the winning individual within thirty (30) days after the conclusion of the contest period and is not transferable. By sharing your unique referral code, which is located in your account details on your profile, you acknowledge and agree to SnapShyft Terms and Conditions of Use and these SnapShyft 500 for 500 Bonus Terms and Conditions. Sharing of your referral code is at your own discretion and can be done in an unlimited fashion. SnapShyft reserves the right, in its absolute discretion, to withdraw or to modify this Bonus Offer and/or the SnapShyft 500 for 500 Bonus Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice and with no liability.

Contact Information and Tracking Referrals.
Please feel free to contact us for requests for update on any referrals you make, in order to determine if they remain eligible as a referral, and any which may have completed the requirements set forth. Or for any questions or comments about our 500 for 500 Bonus Terms and Conditions by contacting our customer service team at: support@snapshyft.com with subject line: 500 for 500 Contest for the quickest response.

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