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Venues and Professionals

Venues and Professionals

What is the SnapShyft Challenge?

SnapShyft is challenging the great college towns of Bloomington, IN and Greater Lafayette, IN, through a friendly competition to become the Next SnapShyft Market! PLUS the winning City will be treated to a city-wide celebration recognizing the many wonderful Food & Beverage venues throughout the area, sponsored by SnapShyft! Think: Epic Bar Crawl + Food Festival

Why should you care?

SnapShyft is bringing the long awaited answer to the service/hospitality industry’s longest running problem: Being Short Staffed/Under Staffed. And for those that work in the industry, SnapShyft provides the ultimate way to make more money FAST while allowing you the opportunities to pick up shifts anywhere, anytime, even on-demand! (bartenders, servers, hosts, dishwashers, security/door, cooks, bussers/runners… ANY position FOH or BOH).

SnapShyft improves the service industry for everyone involved, including the consumers! Since 97% of all consumers rank customer service as the #1 factor when selecting a bar or restaurant, being fully staffed enables the venues to provide a proper customer experience. (See Also: Venue Info and Service Pro Info).

How to get started:

Download the SnapShyft mobile app on both Google Play and the Apple App Store:

Spread the word through social media, word of mouth, text. Share SnapShyft with everyone you know that works in the industry or wants to start working in the industry. Share it with managers, owners, operators at your favorite establishments… especially the ones where service is/has been suffering from being under staffed ; ) Make sure to tag @SnapShyft + #SnapShyftChallenge AND your respective school tag: #SnapShyftHoosiers or #SnapShyftBoilerUp

How is the winner chosen?

The SnapShyft Challenge will be scored on 3 metrics:

  • The City with the most food & beverage venues registered on the platform
  • The City with the most “SnapShyfters” registered on the platform*
  • The City with the most social activity (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram et al)**


Text us or message us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram

*To count, a person must download the app, and fully complete the service pro profile.

**Final tally will consist of the following: any mentions, shares, retweets, reposts, tags (@snapshyft), use of #SnapShyftChallenge