Venues- Getting Started | SnapShyft

Central Indiana Listen Up— No Subscription Fees!

1. Download the App 

2. Complete your Venue Account

3. Post + Fill your open shifts

It really is this simple…

  • Complete your SnapShyft Venue Manager Account (takes 2 minutes)
  • Find yourself short-staffed for ANY reason, simply select the position you need filled and PUSH THE BUTTON
  • Get matched and get a qualified service professional on-site
  • Make More Revenue, now that you’re fully staffed

Never Be Short Staffed Again

Example Hourly Rate Chart

Busser $10-15/hour

Bartender $15-30/hour

Catering $12-20/hour

Cook/Chef $15-20/hour

Dishwasher $11-15/hour

Host/Hostess $11-13/hour

Mixologist $25-45/hour

Security $12-20/hour

Server $10-17/hour