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Built for Professionals: It’s actually a privilege to be a SnapShyft-er

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Kicking the week off with the goal of sharing a couple things about SnapShyft. It’s important to understand the type of business we’re running, and why we exist in the first place.

For starters we are NOT a temp agency. We consider ourselves the anti-temp staffing platform. Through experiencing life in the trenches, temps are the worst, and definitely not ideal in the hospitality industry. The national average success rate for temp operations speaks for itself: 34% We’ve encountered hundreds of small, medium and large scale hospitality operations; from bars and restaurants to major catering/event centers. The statement we hear often, “We order 10 workers just in case; we actually only need 5, but the quality of the workers we often get are below expectations, and frankly we’re lucky if 5 show up to work the shift in the first place”.

Ok, so how does SnapShyft compare? First, we are a short term, shift coverage solution revolving around actual industry workers. Not random people off the street. These workers are pre-vetted in order to become approved SnapShyfters. This includes the most extensive background check in the entire industry, along with industry reference checks, and even learning what point of sale systems they are familiar with. It takes time to become an approved Shyfter, but it is very easy to lose the privilege of picking up work on our platform.SnapShyft is comprised of pre-vetted workers: The industry’s most extensive background check, industry reference checks, experience, and point of sale. We have a ZERO tolerance policy. It’s a privilege to be a SnapShyfter, and we take our business seriously. 5-star experience is expected.

Worker Community Guidelines:

Be a Team Player – Be Helpful
Respect all those you encounter
Go Above & Beyond – Delight people
Be a professional – Reputation is Everything

Zero tolerance for violent, threatening, or inappropriate behavior or language Zero tolerance for drugs or alcohol while working a shift through SnapShyft Zero tolerance for any criminal behavior
No weapons of any kind while working a shift through SnapShyft

(Note: The general weapon policy above does not apply to authorized security personnel contracted by SnapShyft or to law enforcement personnel.)

OUR PROMISE TO WORKERS: We promise to be a facilitator for awesome opportunities and provide workers the support necessary to have an amazing experience using SnapShyft.

We also hold our customers to a higher standard as well.

Venue Community Guidelines:

Be Respectful – Workers on SnapShyft are here to help and be team players. Enable them.
Be Communicative – Being clear with workers (and SnapShyft Support personnel) can avoid a lot of misunderstandings and issues.
Pay out Tips – Any tips earned/generated by workers on SnapShyft are theirs to keep Reputation is Everything – The market will speak volumes.
SnapShyft has zero tolerance for violent, threatening, or inappropriate behavior or language

OUR PROMISE TO VENUES: We promise to be a facilitator of awesome workers and provide you the support necessary to have an amazing experience using SnapShyft.

We created SnapShyft to make running a business in the hospitality industry better. Less wasted time. Less burden on your staff. Less burnout. Better guest experience. Generate repeat business. More revenue.

What questions can we answer?