Venues- Getting Started | SnapShyft

Staying fully staffed really is this simple…
Create your FREE SnapShyft Venue Manager Account & add your venue locations. Need FOH and BOH help? Simply indicate the shift you need filled and BOOM! Posting your shift on-demand or into the future places it in front of thousands of hospitality workers to claim. You just instantly expanded your available hospitality talent pool. Cheers!


Message us your questions or let us know if you want assistance getting started.

Example Hourly Rate Chart

Busser $10-15/hour

Bartender $15-30/hour

Catering $12-20/hour

Cook/Chef $15-20/hour

Dishwasher $11-15/hour

Host/Hostess $11-13/hour

Mixologist $25-45/hour

Security $12-20/hour

Server $10-17/hour