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Save time and money with the Award-Winning SNAPSHYFT mobile app. The best short term labor resource for food & beverage operations. Instantly post your uncovered shifts. Connect with experienced hospitality workers and stop going understaffed. Bring the power of SNAPSHYFT into your life and boost your operation today.


Being short staffed is a recipe for disaster. It drives worker fatigue, resentment and eventually burnout (turnover). The customer experience takes a hit each and every time. Find out what all of this actually costs.

Your Estimated Annual Cost:


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Current CostSnapShyft
Cost of exit interviews, termination prodecures, etc.
No paperwork, no payroll fees or taxes, no interviews, no HR
Cost of ads, recruiters, reviewing résumés, etc.
Instant access to thousands of workers, no recruiting necessary
Cost of interviewing, background checks, etc.
We take care of background and reference checks to make sure only the best are ready to work for you
Cost of training new employees
Workers are pre-screened for their experience (all positions - FOH and BOH)
Productivity Loss
Lost revenue and diminished productivity
SnapShyft helps make sure you are always fully staffed, reducing the chance for lost revenue.
Replacement Time
28 days
On Demand
Post shifts on demand or schedule in advance
You set the hourly rates and SnapShyft only charges a $20 booking fee


Whether you need immediate help, right this moment, or plan for gaps in the schedule ahead of time, the easy to use shift work order gives you the best odds of successfully covering your open shifts, every time


Background checked, pre-qualified, experienced TEAM PLAYERS are ready to work for you in a pinch. Arranging short term staffing solutions through SnapShyft gives you the flexibility to adapt to any staffing situation, putting you back in the driver’s seat


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