Cancellation Policy

Cancellation fees may be assessed to compensate Contractors for time invested in scheduling their time to cover shifts posted on the SnapShyft Platform by approved Venues. Each shift posting using the SnapShyft Platform will clearly state the cancellation policy. Venues may cancel and review any penalties by viewing their shift posting and then selecting “Cancel”.

Cancellation fees may be assessed in the following situations:

For any shifts that are posted AND THEN CLAIMED by a Contractor, should a Venue elect to cancel, you will be charged for the full shift length at a minimum rate of $15/hour plus applicable booking fee. As the Contractors on the SnapShyft Platform often arrange their work schedule to accommodate picking up open shifts, so when a Venue elects to cancel a shift the Contractors are out not only time but potentially have lost out on other available shifts.

For any shifts that have NOT BEEN CLAIMED by an available Contractor and are cancelled within one (1) hour of shift start time, Venue will be charged a $15 cancellation fee. This is to cover costs associated with specific targeted marketing of your shift posting to Contractors on the SnapShyft Platform.

Should a Contractor claim a shift but then drop the shift at any point within 2 hours of shift start, the Contractor will be assessed penalties that may result in suspension or removal from the SnapShyft Platform.

The SnapShyft operations team monitors each posted shift and will put forth additional efforts as needed to aid in the coverage of shifts. In many instances there are Contractors on waitlist, and they will get first option on claiming any dropped shifts. If you believe you were incorrectly charged a cancellation fee on a specific posted shift, you may request assistance by contacting SnapShyft via Text at 855-WE-SHYFT or via Email