Business Direct Hire Terms and Conditions

Business Direct Hire Terms and Conditions

Last Updated: April 2021


“Hire” shall mean the retention of a SnapShyft Contractor (Worker) to perform work outside of the SnapShyft Platform within twelve (12) months following a Business User’s last contact with a Worker through engagements facilitated on the SnapShyft Platform by any officer, employee, representative, or anyone retained by any of the aforementioned. Should a Worker receive solicitations of a job offer or, general employment opportunity (position notwithstanding), to enter into an employer-employee relationship with a Business User, Worker shall promptly notify SnapShyft thereof. And Business Users are required to notify the SnapShyft Connect Team promptly of their intentions to solicit or entice Worker(s) with an employer-employee relationship.

Business User shall promptly notify SnapShyft thereof, and for each such “hire” Business User will pay an “Authorized Connection Fee” to SnapShyft. SnapShyft may, from time to time, enter into unique and customized agreements in order to assist Business Users with utilizing the SnapShyft platform to augment their Talent Acquisition strategies.

However, without a master services agreement on file, containing language in specificity related to direct hires and talent acquisition, then the following fee schedule will serve as the default. The “Authorized Connection Fee” is based, in part, on the total Service Opportunities worked/performed by a Contractor on behalf of the Business User through the SnapShyft Platform:

Less than 25 shifts worked— $5,000;
26-50 shifts worked—$2,500;
Over 50 shifts worked— $0;

Business User shall pay to SnapShyft any fees owed using the same payment method(s) on file. In the event Business User has not provided notification to SnapShyft within a calendar month that it has formally hired a SnapShyft Contractor, a service fee of $5,000 will be due in addition to the original amount owed. Use of the SnapShyft Platform constitutes acceptance and willingness to pay these fees.

At any time, a Business User, or a Worker, may decide to terminate the employer-employee relationship with the other party. SnapShyft has no influence or control over such a termination. SnapShyft reserves the right, in its absolute discretion, to withdraw or to modify the “Authorized Connection Fee” and any other applicable fees, and/or the Direct Hire Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice and with no liability.

Direct Hire Confirmation and Ongoing Communication

Please promptly communicate with the SnapShyft Connect Team regarding direct hires made or planned. SnapShyft may, at its discretion, request confirmation or proof of employment from time to time.  Please send any updates, questions or comments about direct hires, or Direct Hire Terms and Conditions to the SnapShyft Connect Team at: with subject line: DIRECT HIRE, (BUSINESS NAME), (WORKER NAME).