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Announcement:  San Francisco Office to compliment Indianapolis HQ

Announcement:  San Francisco Office to compliment Indianapolis HQ

Published by SNAPSHYFT®

Indianapolis-based SNAPSHYFT®, the “future of work” startup, has confirmed plans to open a San Francisco office to compliment their Indy operations hub in 2019.

SNAPSHYFT® connects short-staffed food and beverage/hospitality operations with qualified industry workers, on-demand on a shift to shift basis. Building on successes in 2018, they are setting a new standard for staffing in the F&B industry, tackling a problem that exists on a global scale while outperforming the competition by 3X.

According to CEO Thor Wood, “We’re very pleased with our decision, and excited for what’s to come this year and beyond. Opening an office in San Francisco was preceded by diligent efforts to identify a strategic location  within highly dense F&B and hospitality markets, in order to work with top brands and strategic partners in achieving our long term growth goals”.

Wood elaborated on the problem SNAPSHYFT® seeks to eliminate. “This industry is highly unpredictable, and subject to external factors presently beyond the control of the businesses. We aggregate a substantial qualified worker pool allowing our customers to be nimble to ensure proper shift coverage, rather than resort to temp agencies, or relying solely on job boards or traditional job advertisements”. He continued, “We solve this by removing friction points and embracing the fluidity of the workforce (15M+ workers). Rather than combat turnover with new tricks and gimmicks, we enable companies to focus on hiring core team players, while utilizing SNAPSHYFT® to scale up their staffing levels to meet demand”.

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