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SnapShyft Genesis: From a Hangover To a Business Plan

Originally published by The Drink Culture Podcast

In 10 business days, Thor Wood went from a hangover to a business plan for his current Indy-based company SNAPSHYFT.

Tune in to learn about how SNAPSHYFT is filling a significant need for quality staffing for the food & drink and hospitality industries, how accelerators work, and about Indy’s supportive tech community. Drink deep of the culture that surrounds you with Thor Wood of SNAPSHYFT.

Thor was born in Utah and moved to Indianapolis at the age of 2. After attending college for eight years without graduating, Thor spent time as a private investigator before starting a career in recruiting. After the recession, he found a position in Naples, Florida, where he met his significant other, had a baby, and started his first business. Thor was beginning to lose his passion, partly because he wanted to spend time with his daughter rather than work. Therefore, when he woke up hungover lying on the bathroom floor with an idea to start what is now SNAPSHYFT, he leaped at the opportunity. The tech community and lifestyle brought Thor and co-founder Stephanie back to Indianapolis. After extensive market research, including connecting with Scott Wise (Founder of Scotty’s Brewhouse— sold) on Twitter for advice, SNAPSHYFT was created, and has qualified for many start-up programs and accelerators over the last 3 years.

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