SnapShyft Labor Marketplace

A message to our valued community members

A message to our valued community members —

We know many of you are concerned about the evolving COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease 2019) situation as it continues to progress in various regions of the US.

We strongly advise all businesses to ramp up business continuity plans to help your business and your team better manage potential risks posed by COVID-19.

We encourage you to be proactive if an employee or a guest is exhibiting any of the listed symptoms (even if it’s just the flu)—respectfully send them home. Don’t chance it. In the long run it will be better for business.

As part of your continuity plan recommendation you can always turn to SNAPSHYFT as needed to backfill any open shifts caused by employee headcount fluctuations, and thus maintain business continuity.



The SNAPSHYFT Labor Marketplace is a cloud-based staffing software and mobile app connecting food & beverage and hospitality operations with actual industry pros, on-demand. We help fill shifts fast— combining the best attributes of the gig-economy and HR Tech— as the only true on-demand staffing solution dedicated to the food & beverage and hospitality industry. Built from the ground up, our platform is changing the way these businesses get the right talent for their immediate needs, while eliminating bias and discrimination. In turn, we are generating hyper-positive socio economic impact for the operations, the professionals, and the community at-large. SNAPSHYFT is a Delaware C-Corp, headquartered in Indianapolis, with an executive outpost in San Francisco. The company is currently working on pilots in cities throughout the midwest and mountain west, and anticipates additional opportunities in the south. SNAPSHYFT is currently available in the App Store and Google Play.