SnapShyft Labor Marketplace

Q&A with SnapShyft Founder and CEO— “It becomes the Pepsi challenge…”

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Rob Burnett, Director of Business Development at Netcapital had a great live discussion with SnapShyft Founder and CEO, Thor Wood.

“It becomes the Pepsi challenge. You know we have a 95-96% fulfillment rate. Let’s go. Bring on any staffing agency, any firm, any gig platform, and let’s do the Pepsi challenge. And I’m not saying we’re going to win out every single time; every market is a bit different, every sector is a little bit different, but we’re doing something right to be 3X the last two and a half years”

During this Q&A they touch on:

 the industry before, during, and after the pandemic
 ways SnapShyft stands out from the competition
 our business model & future expansion opportunities
 our NEW COVID SAFE program
 and more




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The SNAPSHYFT Labor Marketplace is a cloud-based Staffing-as-a-Service software and mobile app connecting food & beverage and hospitality operations with actual industry pros, on-demand. We help fill shifts fast. SNAPSHYFT is currently available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.