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Business Partner Resource Guide

James Beard Foundation F&B Industry Relief Fund

  • Program Overview:  
  • Application form / instructions: See link above
  • Micro-grants to independent food and beverage businesses in need due to COVID-19.

Restaurant Workers’ Community Foundation COVID19 Crisis Relief Fund

  • »Program Overview: Info Here
  • Application form / instructions:  to subscribe to the RWCF’s newsletter to receive updates on how to apply.
  • Zero-interest loans for restaurants to get back up and running.
  • Restaurants affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Exact qualification criteria to be announced and may require business to pledge to operate in accordance to core worker-friendly principles.

Yelp COVID-19 Support Fund

  • Program Overview: Info Here
  • Application form / instructions: See link above
  • $25m in Yelp ads and services for affected restaurants and bars.
  • Small independently-owned restaurant and nightlife businesses and franchisees.
  • No requirement to be a current Yelp customer.

National Restaurant Association— Restaurant Employee Relief Fund

  • Program overview:
  • Registration will reopen on Thursday, April 9th at 12 noon Eastern Daylight Time, and  20,000 new registrations will be accepted.
  • Eligibility: For anyone interested in applying, we encourage you to carefully read our updated Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) before starting your application. There, you will find eligibility requirements and other information you will need to submit with your application.

City of Indianapolis— Indy Chamber Rapid Response Loan Fund

Bartender Emergency Assistance Program

City of Chicago— Small Business Resiliency Loan Fund

  • Program overview: Info Here
  • Beginning on March 31, the City’s CDFI partners will begin accepting loan applications from local businesses.
  • In the meantime, business owners and entrepreneurs are encouraged to fill out an interest form and a City representative of the fund will reach out on next steps
  • Currently being launched – announced on 3/19/2020
  • Provides $100 million towards providing targeted, low-interest loans to severely impacted small business
  • Fund will lend up to $50,000 in working capital loans to neighborhood entrepreneurs suffering substantial economic injury to help support rent and payroll expenses.
  • Applicants must have experienced a more than 25% revenue decrease due to the impact from COVID-19 » Applicants must have fewer than 50 employees.

City of Chicago— Small Business Relief Package

  • Program overview: Info Here 
  • Application form / instructions: N/A
  • Extended due dates for business-related tax payments until April 30, 2020
  • Deferment of all business fine collections, license renewal and late fees for Chicago’s businesses until April 30, 2020.
  • The City will also be temporarily suspending non-public safety related business penalties until April 30.
  • To further provide relief for businesses over the coming weeks, the City is also extending due dates for tax payments until April 30, 2020 for the following City taxes:
  • Bottled Water tax, Checkout Bag tax, Amusement tax, Hotel Accommodation tax, Restaurant tax, Parking tax

Illinois State Tax Deferral for Small-and-Medium-Sized Bars and Restaurants

  • Program overview: Info Here
  • Application form / instructions: N/A
  • Bars and restaurants will not be charged penalties or interest on sales tax payments due in March, April or May made late.
  • Penalties and interest will be automatically waived. However, qualified taxpayers must still file their sales tax return.
  • Taxpayers will be required to pay their sales tax liabilities due in March, April and May in four installments starting on May 20 and extending through Aug. 20.
  • Establishments must be eating and drinking establishments in Illinois that incurred less than $75,000 in sales tax liabilities last year

City of Denver Tax Relief

  • Program overview: Info Here
  • Application form / instructions: Apply Here
  • The Denver Department of Finance will waive the 15% penalty for late payment of February and March sales, use, and occupational privilege taxes due March 20 and April 20, 2020.
  • The return must be filed, and funds remitted within 30 days of the due date.
  • Denver Department of Finance will evaluate extension of the waiver on a month-by-month basis.

Colorado Department of Labor and Employment Work-Share Program

  • Program overview: Info Here
  • Application form / instructions: See link above.
  • Work-Share Program supports business continuity by providing an alternative to laying off employees by allowing them to keep working, but with fewer hours.
  • Enables employers to reduce hours of employees, while enabling employees to collect part of his or her regular unemployment benefits.
  • Reduced the normal weekly work hours by at least 10 percent, but by no more than 40 percent.
  • The reduction must affect at least two out of all employees in the business, or a minimum of two employees in a certain unit.
  • Employer must have paid as much in premiums as government paid employer’s former employees in unemployment insurance benefits.

Denver Economic Development and Opportunity Relief Fund

  • Program overview: Info Here
  • Application form / instructions: Apply Here
  • Emergency relief program to provide cash grants up to $7,500 to qualifying small businesses.
  • Priority for industries most impacted by the coronavirus pandemic, such as the food industry.
  • Businesses may have had to temporarily close, are struggling with paying their rent and utilities, or have had to lay off staff.

City of Denver— Micro-loan Program (COVID-19 focused)

  • Program overview: Info Here
  • Application form / instructions: Apply Here
  • Denver Economic Development and Opportunity and CEDS Finance will refocus their existing micro-loan program to support small businesses in this crisis.
  • Loans of up to $50,000.
  • Tenor of up to five years.
  • Current recipients of loans able to defer loan payments.
  • <$1mm revenues
  • Target neighborhoods: East Colfax, Globeville, Elyria-Swansea, Montbello, Northeast Park Hill, Sun Valley, Valverde, Villa Park, West Colfax, Westwood

City of Nashville— Franchise and Excise Tax Filing Extension

  • Program overview: Info Here
  • Application form / instructions: N/A
  • The Tennessee Department of Revenue has extended the due date for filing and paying franchise and excise tax from April 15, 2020 to July 15, 2020. Interest and late filing penalties will not be applied to returns filed and payments made on or before this extended due date.

SBA – Paycheck Protection Program

  • Program overview: Info Here
  • Loans are made via SBA 7(a)-licensed lenders. The SBA provides a “lender match” resource for potential borrowers:
  • First Western SBLC, Inc. (“PMC”), an affiliate of CIM Group, is a licensed lender and able to provide such loans. To learn more or start a loan application with PMC please visit:
  • Forgivable loans of up to $10m for payroll/benefits, rent, utilities, and mortgage interest costs until 06/30/20.
  • Max loan amount is determined by 2.5 x monthly payroll cost (excluding that associated with employees earning >$100k per year).
  • Forgivable portion is equal to the amount of the loan used to cover payroll costs during the first 8 weeks of the loan, plus a portion no greater than 25% used to cover mortgage interest, rent, and utility costs. The forgivable amount is subject to reduction for (i) % of workforce reduced during COVID-19 National Emergency and (ii) % reduction in wages to the extent any employee received >25% wage cut. Businesses can re-hire employees and readjust wages until 06/30/20 to offset the impact of these adjustments.
  • 1.0% interest rate, with first 6 months deferred; 2-yr term from loan disbursement.
  • Borrowers are still eligible to receive additional funding through the EIDL program.
  • Applicants must generally have <500 employees (inclusive of affiliated entities).
  • Affiliated entity aggregation is waived for businesses classified under NAICS Code-72 as Accommodations & Food Services (i.e. restaurants and hotels) provided there are <500 employees per location.
  • Businesses in certain additional industries may have > 500 employees. See further details:
  • Applicants must have been in operation since 2/15/20.
  • No personal guarantee or collateral required. Loans are fully guaranteed by the Federal government.
  • Applicant does not need to be unable to obtain credit elsewhere.

SBA – Economic Injury Disaster Loans (EIDL)

  • Program overview: 
  • Application form / instructions: 
  • Offers loans of up to $2 million to small businesses suffering substantial economic injury as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak.
  • The SBA is the direct lender under this program.
  • Loans may be used to pay fixed debts, payroll, accounts payable and other bills.
  • Annual interest rate of 3.75% (2.75% for non-profits), with loan terms of up to 30 years.
  • As of 03/27, loans <$200k can be approved without a personal guarantee.
  • As of 3/23, applicants in all 50 states are eligible to apply.
  • Applicants must have receipts or number of employees below certain thresholds, which vary by industry and are detailed here:–table-size-standards
  • Businesses with credit available elsewhere are not eligible.

SBA – Economic Injury Disaster Loans (EIDL) Advance Grant

  • Program overview: 
  • Application form / instructions: 
  • Allows Economic Injury Disaster Loan applicants to receive immediate cash payments of $10k within three days of applying to the SBA until 12/31/20.
  • Proceeds may be used for payroll, rent, interest and/or repaying obligations that cannot be met due to revenue losses.
  • Provided the grant is used for such purposes, the grant is forgiven.
  • Even if EIDL application is subsequently denied, there is no repayment requirement.
  • Applicants must have number of employees below certain thresholds, which vary by industry and are detailed here:–table-size-standards.
  • Sole proprietors and independent contractors are also eligible.

SBA – Debt Relief for Businesses with Existing Loans Under SBA Lending Programs

  • Program overview:   
  • Application form / instructions: Apply directly with existing lender.
  • Allows borrowers of certain existing SBA loans – including SBA 7(a), SBA 504 and micro-loan products – to receive 6-month deferrals on loan payments, regardless of borrower financial condition.
  • 6-month deferral period begins with next payment due.
  • Excludes loans made under the new Paycheck Protection Program.
  • Applicants must be existing borrowers under SBA lending program. Approval process via existing SBA lender.

Federal Reserve & US Treasury Emergency Relief Loans and Loan Guarantees

  • Program overview: Info Here
  • Application form / instructions: To be announced by the Federal Reserve
  • Federal Reserve and U.S. Treasury Loan and Loan Guarantee Programs under Title IV of the CARES Act:
  • For medium-sized businesses (500 – 10k employees), provision of loan guarantees at a max interest rate of 2% with no payments for the first 6 months.
  • Conditions include (i) using the loan proceeds to retain ≥ 90% of the workforce, with full compensation and benefits, until 09/30/20, (ii) restoring ≥ 90% of the workforce as of 02/01/20, with full compensation and benefits, ≤ 4 months after the end of the COVID-19 National Emergency, (iii) not outsourcing jobs or repealing union agreements for ≥ 2 years after repayment, and (iv) remaining neutral during unionization efforts for the duration of the loan. Any borrower is also prohibited (i) purchasing the publicly-listed stock of itself or its parent (except where contractually obligated) and (ii) making any dividend payments or other common stock capital distributions.
  • For large businesses (>10k employees), provision of direct loans via Federal Reserve lending programs at an appropriate risk premium rate above U.S. Treasury yields.
  • Conditions are the same as for medium-sized-businesses except that (i) the prohibition on stock buybacks and dividend payments is extended to 1 year after repayment, and (ii) the borrower is subject to limits on compensation for the term of the loan plus 1 year.
  • Further details to be announced by the U.S. Treasury and Federal Reserve.

Federal Tax Relief Measures

  • Program Overview: Enacted on Fri March 27th, 2020 under the CARES Act.
  • Application form / instructions: N/A
  • Payroll Tax Benefits – Businesses subject to full or partial shut-down orders due to COVID-19 and/or subject to 50% reduction in year-over-year gross receipts eligible for refundable payroll tax credit for 50% of wages paid by employers through 31/12/20. Capped at $10k per employee per quarter. Additionally, 2020 employer payroll taxes are fully deferred, due in two 50% installments in Dec 2021 and Dec 2022.
  • Modifications for Net Operating Losses – Allows businesses a five-year carryback for 100% of losses generated in tax years 2018, 2019, and 2020. Waives the no carryback and 80% carryforward limitations. Allows businesses to offset taxable income generated as far back as 2013 and access cash to support business operations in 2020 and future years.
  • Credit for Prior Year Minimum Tax Liability of Corporations – Businesses eligible for refundable corporate alternative minimum tax (AMT) credits can now claim an immediate refund.
  • Modification of Limitation on Business Interest – Allows businesses to increase their deductible interest expense from 30% of adj. taxable income to 50% for 2019 and 2020. Additionally, businesses may use their 2019 adj. taxable income for purposes of 2020 deductions, thereby generating Net Operating Losses which can be carried back to recover taxes from prior years.
  • Accelerated Property Capex Depreciation – Allows capex or improvements to the interior portion of leased space in non-residential buildings to be depreciated over a 15-year life and allows such property to be eligible for bonus depreciation.
  • Payroll Tax Benefits conditioned on full/partial shut-down orders due to COVID-19 and/or evidencing a 50% reduction in year-over-year quarterly gross receipts.
  • Other tax benefits apply broadly to all businesses.

Federal Reserve Main Street Business Lending Program

  • Program Overview: Info Here
  • Application form / instructions: To be announced
  • The Federal Reserve has announced the Main Street Business Lending Program to support direct lending to eligible small-and-medium sized businesses, complementing efforts by the SBA.
  • Further details are not yet available.

Federal Tax Filing Deadline Extension



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